Tired of the IoT hype? Worried whether your investments in IoT will pay off? Looking for a competitive edge? It's time to turn the promise of IoT into meaningful business results. It's time for Real IoT.

Cisco Jasper has helped thousands of companies worldwide transform their businesses and drive bottom line growth with IoT. In this four-part Real IoT series, created in partnership with ABI research, you'll get access to the latest market intelligence, along with the secrets, insights, and strategies you need to accelerate your IoT success. Register today.
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#1 Business-Ready IoT: Strategies to Bridge the Gap from POC to Profit Today

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Are you struggling to turn the promise of IoT into bottom line results for your business? Well you're not alone. According to data gathered by ABI Research, approximately 60% of enterprises plan to pursue IoT in the next 5 years, but only 26% are implementing solutions today. Pundits agree that IoT is next revolution in business, separating industry leaders from the also-rans. So what's everyone waiting for?
The reality is that not everyone is waiting. Thousands of companies are using IoT right now to transform their businesses and gain a competitive edge. And the results apply across all industries, worldwide. From increasing net profits for an auto maker by $350M over three years to enabling a manufacturer to reduce factory floor downtime by 11% - the benefits of IoT are real and the impact material.
Want to know what it takes to achieve first mover results like these for your business? Join us on October 27th. Analyst Dan Shey of ABI Research and Theresa Bui, Head of Enterprise Product Marketing at Cisco Jasper will examine the key factors common to these success stories, and break them down into best practices you can use to build your own IoT strategy. Let us teach you the secrets to:
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency
  • Unlock new business models, revenue sources and economic value
  • Deliver new experiences that add value for your customers

#2 The 8 Questions To Ask When Crafting your IoT Strategy

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When people quantify the anticipated impact of IoT, they're talking business transformation on a global scale and at an incredible pace. That means the stakes associated with getting your IoT strategy right are high. Fortunately, there is a proven approach to developing a strategy that can both accelerate and future-proof your IoT business success.
Join ABI Research analyst Dan Shey and Cisco Jasper's Theresa Bui on November 9th as they reveal the series of questions successful IoT pioneers have used to define business strategies that drive positive results. Their step-by-step approach will show you the most efficient ways to:
  • Identify your business goals and develop an effective IoT strategy
  • Define your internal stakeholders and develop a strategy that anticipates their needs
  • Incorporate the requirements of external stakeholders in your IoT strategy
This process will help you work backwards from your business goals to identify the actions necessary to execute, enabling you to develop the right IoT strategy to drive real business outcomes.

#3 Winning with IoT: No-Fail Methods for Choosing the Right IoT Solutions and Partners

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Once you've identified the business benefits of IoT and established a clear IoT strategy, the next step is evaluating and selecting the right IoT solution for your business' needs. But with 300+ vendors claiming to have the right “IoT Platform” for your business, where do you begin?
There are a lot of pieces to consider when defining your criteria for an IoT solution – but not all options are relevant to all businesses. Join us for a webinar on January 19th to learn best practices for:
  • Determining which IoT solutions you should evaluate – including connectivity management, device management, application enablement, analytics and more
  • Selecting the right IoT solution providers based on your specific business needs
  • Identifying potential IoT partners that can help you execute
This conversation will provide you with a clear roadmap on how to navigate IoT solutions providers' claims. ABI Research analyst Dan Shey will provide an overview of the different types of IoT solutions, and a checklist you can use to identify which solutions are necessary for your business' IoT needs.

#4 IoT Security – Your Checklist for Success

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The Internet of Things holds enormous promise for your business, but if you're like most, you still have concerns about security. How can you be sure that the IoT solutions you select will enable you to guarantee the security of your business and your customers?
Like security in any other industry, there is no single vendor responsible for securing IoT. Rather, it takes an entire ecosystem of solutions providers working together and playing their part to ensure end-to-end security across the device, data transport, network, and application layers.
Join us on February 23rd for an in-depth education on the IoT security ecosystem. ABI Research analyst Michela Menting and Cisco Jasper's Theresa Bui will provide you with a clear checklist that will enable you to make an informed decision about your company's IoT security. This checklist will include guidance on what to consider at all stages, including:
  • Risk assessment & management
  • Security at the design stage, including:
    • Hardware considerations
    • Application development
  • Pre-market security testing/auditing best practices
  • Post-market considerations, including:
    • Lifecycle management
    • Monitoring, updating & patching

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